Whether your home remodeling project involves a custom bath improvement,  complete kitchen remodelvinyl siding installation, or a new window installation, choosing the right home improvement contractor is the key to a successful remodeling experience.

Many homeowners are primarily concerned with price when shopping for a home improvement contractor. While cost is important, it isn’t the only factor you need to consider. Keep in mind that what you’re buying often needs to be fabricated, assembled or finished right inside your home. Because you’ll be living with the results for years to come, getting it done right is essential.

You’re Purchasing a Service, Not a Product

It’s important to view the process of hiring a contractor as buying a service instead of a product. After all, you’re working with someone inside your home to turn your vision into reality — so you should choose a contactor you can trust. As you’re going through the process of getting quotes from several contractors, take the time to do a little homework so you can make an educated home improvement decision.

Here are a few factors you should consider when choosing a home improvement contractor:

Experience – Does the contractor have enough experience to handle the scope of your project? Is his experience applicable to your type of remodeling project? For instance, if a contractor has experience in bathroom improvements, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is qualified to handle your kitchen improvement project.

Age and Type of Home – No two homes are exactly alike, and older homes can sometimes pose certain remodeling challenges. Be sure to discuss potential issues, such as lead paint, or the need to open or move walls, before making a commitment.

Communication – Too often, the owner or project manager of a home improvement company is an off-site administrator who isn’t directly involved with the project. This kind of leadership leads to a breakdown in communication, where important details are left out of the project. Choose a contracting company that gives you access to a primary point of contact – someone who understands your project, and will be there to ensure everything stays on track.

Get It in Writing – Make sure your home improvement contractor is willing to put everything in writing, including quotes, project specifications, schedules and warranties. It’s your home, so you want to know exactly what to expect. Also be sure to review any contracts before signing on the dotted line.

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