Common Remodeling Problems (And How to Avoid Them)

If you’ve ever been through a remodeling project before, you know that there seems to be an endless number of decisions to make throughout the process, and those decisions can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience and a remodeling nightmare. Over the years, our clients have shared stories about their previous experiences with remodeling companies and contractors, and we’ve heard virtually everything you can imagine about remodeling projects gone wrong, from the typical problems to the downright bizarre. Here are three of the most common problems we’ve heard about, along with some helpful tips that could help you save money (and your sanity) during your next remodel.

The cost is way over budget

This is one of the most common issues we’ve heard from clients who have previously dealt with other remodeling companies. When you have a vision for what you would like your home to become, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile that vision with the allotted budget for the project. This is especially true when a design is created without first considering the budget. At Colebrook Construction, we’ve developed a “wish list” process that will help you avoid any budgetary surprises. Here is the process in a simple, step-by-step format:

  1. During your initial consultation, we discuss your desired budget for the project.
  2. We then work with you to create a “wish list” that reflects your vision for your home. This includes anything you have in mind for the current project, as well as anything that you might want for your home in the future.
  3. We’ll prioritize that list into categories of “must have”, “would like”, and “maybe someday”.
  4. Based on your budget, we’ll work with you to create a remodeling plan that lets you get the most enjoyment out of the project.

By using this process, we not only help you create a remodeling project within the scope of your budget, but we also help you create a future remodeling plan that will keep your home exciting and enjoyable for years to come. In some instances, we’ve even been able to discover future remodels that would conflict with work that was currently being done. By completing those items first, you’ll essentially avoid paying for the same remodel twice, so don’t be afraid to dream big – it might just save you money!

The project is taking way longer than anticipated

When you’re preparing to start a home kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling project, it is important to get an accurate timeline of the project, and get it in writing. Throughout the remodel, you’re going to be without a part of your home, so having an exact idea of when you’ll have it back is an essential part of maintaining your happiness. In addition to a timeline for project completion, your contractor should also give you ample notice when a subcontractor will be doing work in your home, as nothing is more unsettling than a surprise visit from a craftsman you’ve never met. The team at Colebrook Construction understands that your comfort and enjoyment during the project is just as important as the finished product, and we maintain an open line of communication with you every step of the way so that nothing comes as a surprise.

Often an issue with outdoor projects is the weather.  For window replacements or vinyl siding installation projects, be sure to factor weather into the timeline of the project.

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The finished job doesn’t look like what I wanted

This is one of the most unfortunate problems that occur during home remodeling projects, as it is one of the easiest to avoid. When you have a vision for your home, it is essential that you realize that vision as precisely as possible, because you are the one living in that space well after the contractor and crew leave. One easy way to help ensure your project matches your vision is to keep lines of communication as short as possible. Working with a design/build contractor will ensure that those performing the remodel are fully aware of all of the details and nuances of the design, especially because they have worked directly with you on that design. In addition to understanding the design, working directly with the contractor on the design will help ensure that the materials chosen for the design are carried by the contractor’s distributor.

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When you decide to remodel a part of your home, you’re paying for much more than materials and labor; you’re paying to enjoy the place you and your family comes home to each night. To make sure you get the most out of your investment, it is important to have a consultant at your side each step of the way to listen to your wants and needs and offer an expert opinion. At Colebrook Construction, we’ve helped many families in Harrisburg and the surrounding areas love their home without sacrificing their budget. When you’re ready to get started, fill out our easy quote form or call us at 717-774-7699.

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