Love Your Home Again With A Custom Kitchen

Over the past two decades of helping people realize the potential of their homes, the team at Colebrook Construction has created some unique and beautiful custom living spaces that blend functionality with the personality of the homeowner. With all of our experience in designing and building kitchens, we’ve come across three sure-fire ways to enhance the heart of your home.

Be The Star of Your Kitchen with A Custom Island

The kitchen may be the heart of your home, but a kitchen island truly allows your family to become the center of your living space. Many clients opt for their custom kitchen island to function as a breakfast bar, creating a convenient area for the whole family to enjoy breakfast together over the weekend, or for the kids to have a quick bowl of cereal before school during the week. For true foodies, we have even created a custom island that features a gas range and stove. An island like this one will bring out your inner chef, and make you the star of any dinner party or holiday gathering. Add in the extra storage space provided by under-the-counter custom cabinetry, and it’s easy to see how choosing an island for your kitchen is a cost-effective and efficient way to create a kitchen you’ll love.

Bring Your Kitchen and Dining Area Together

If you’re considering designing the kitchen of your dreams, why hide it from those who enter your home? Many homes have a wall between the dining room and kitchen that stifle the warmth of your home and are just flat-out inefficient when it comes to transporting meals from one area to another. More than anything else, your home is a living space, so eliminating the barrier between these two rooms will allow your family to enjoy the true character of your home, while also creating additional space that makes it easier to accommodate guests during dinner parties or holiday gatherings. At Colebrook Construction, we’ve heard time and time again that one of the greatest feelings after the remodeling process is the ‘WOW’ factor that is created by a beautiful, open custom kitchen.

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Control The Atmosphere with Lighting

We’ve all seen it time and time again — the dusty, creaky ceiling fan that slowly spins in the center of your kitchen, with lights either too bright or too dim. While this may have been the standard decades ago, choosing custom lighting can give you precise control over the brightness level in each area of your kitchen, which means you also benefit from energy savings in the process. In this Camp Hill custom kitchen, for example, a series of hanging lights over the bar area creates a warm, enjoyable dining area while recessed lighting near the cabinetry provides targeted brightness where you need it most.

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While these are all great ways to enhance your home with a kitchen remodel, they reflect the vision of some of our past clients, and only scratch the surface of what is possible when we work with you to create the living space of your dreams. We’d be glad to help you realize your vision, so when you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 717-774-7699 or fill out our easy quote form. We look forward to working with you to create your ideal living space!

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