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You hear a lot of contractors advertising that they are design/build contractors. But what exactly is design/build? Generally speaking, it means that the contractor, not an architect or an outside design firm is responsible for creating the design for your project. Then the contractor is supposed to be responsible for carrying this project all the way through production.

That’s great, but what are the benefits to you as a homeowner? It depends. If the contractor is still going to charge you a large sum of money for a design before ever telling you what the project could possibly cost, there is no benefit to you.

There is, however, a tremendous benefit to the contractor. He gets to charge you whatever he wants, because the project will not be sent out for multiple estimates. You spent a lot of money to have a design created, and now you have to hope you can afford it.

This is not very different from having a third party design your project. Yes, you would have the option of obtaining multiple estimates, but you still run the risk of getting multiple estimates you cannot afford! Added to this frustration is the varying degrees of competence and understanding each contractor has regarding the remodeling project. Always keep in mind that successful remodeling involves professionally blending existing parts of your home with the new work that is specified. Good luck comparing those apples and oranges!

Create A Budget, Then A Design

There is an answer. At Colebrook Construction, we add another phase to the concept of design/build – it’s called developing a budget. I know this sounds crazy, but we really do care how much you want to spend on your project before investing money in design work.

Once we have an idea about the proposed scope of work, we will create an estimate of cost based upon your preferred level of specifications. Call this your “wish list”. From this point you decide how elaborate or large you want your project to be.

You may be wondering how an estimate can be created without plans. At Colebrook Construction, we rely on our 20 years of remodeling experience to create a budget based on projects we have produced that have been similar to yours.

After creating a budget with you, then we will move forward with designing and creating construction plans for your custom kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation project.

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